Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005: A Week In Review

Now is the time of year where every person in the world must come with a "Best" and "Worst" of 2005 review, because if we don't, by law we are bound to be dropped into a pit filled with rabid kittens and angry flowers and insecurity. So here's my contribution...

BEST OF 2005
  1. Karaoke. - Yeah, it's kind of a lame thing to put at the top of this list, but how many great experiences have I had this year spent at Koji's, or Skyebox, or Bigfoot Lodge, or in the later part of the year, Dave's? Quite a few. Good times, good people, and a good chance to feed my own ego when I'm in front of the mic.
  2. Coachella 2005. - For more information, see Appendix A.
  3. Pink Floyd Reuniting at Live 8. - For more information, see Appendix B.
  4. Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. - Twice I went this past year, twice I had the time of my life. And damn, if that fireworks show wasn't fuckin' awesome. Although I still hate those Fastpass lines... but as that was started a couple years back, I can't bitch about them here. Maybe in a future blog.
  5. Star Wars Episode III. - For more information, see Appendix C.
  6. Michelle's Halloween Party. - A great time was had by all, especially by me, as I got the opportunity to put together a Halloween-themed DJ set, and got back in touch with two good friends, one of whom the reunion with was 8 years in the making.
  7. My Halloween Costume. - It was a last minute entry (I was originally gonna be Michael Hutchence, but my hair wouldn't grow long enough in time), but I think it worked pretty well. I mean, Jesus, minus the sunken cheekbones from years of drug use, I fuckin' looked like Dave Gahan! At least until that asshole spilled red wine on my white jeans the second night of costuming...
  8. I beat GTA: San Andreas at 100% Completion. - Yeah, I know that's a really lame entry, but frankly, I'm running out of shit to put in this best of column, so I'm using whatever I can. And hey, the time and effort taken to accomplish such a feat says something (other than I probably could've written two screenplays in the amount of time I spent fucking around with that game). Besides, now I get to create another Appendix (D).
  9. I regained my muse. - Yes, I finally started writing for real again, and had stories and creative ideas return to my brain. Which of course leads me to my first New Year's resolution... stop being fucking lazy and spend more than two hours a week actually doing something about it.
  10. I'm still alive. - I don't know if the rest of you care about that, but I'm kinda happy about it.

And now...


  1. World peace not happening again. - Jesus Christ, people, you've had like 14,000 years to figure it out already. Seriously, I'm very disappointed.
  2. I'm not rich and famous yet. - Why did this not happen yet this past year? I'm overdue.
  3. Republicans. - Not all Republicans, just the ones in high office. Aside from the indictments, the illegal activity, the closed-door sessions, what else have they contributed? Oh yeah. A bridge in Alaska that goes nowhere, and legislation to drill for oil in a wildlife reserve. Way to have a mandate.
  4. The Los Angeles Dodgers. - It's always horrible to see your favorite team have a losing season... but to see them drop so far after making it to the playoffs the year before was just heartbreaking. And then to see the fairweather fans of LA turn to Anaheim for solace... those commie bastards. Hopefully now that the new GM's been making a team comprised of Red Sox and Giants castaways, we'll have a good chance this year.
  5. Star Wars ending. - And with it, my childhood (I saw the first movie at Grauman's Chinese Theater when I was four months old, the last I saw at the Cineramadome at the age of 27, so I'm quite serious about the saga being a huge part of my formative years). Sigh... I suppose its time to grow up now. Or maybe I'll wait for the 3-D theatrical releases first. Oh, and then there's the upcoming TV series... so I'll grow up when I'm 40-something. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. Organized Religion. - Sorry guys, but when your biggest evangelical churches are putting more energy into trying to ban gay marriage, outlaw abortion, and suing people for saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," as opposed to allowing gays to be ministers, adopting unwanted children, and helping the poor eat during the holidays, there's something VERY very wrong.
  7. MTV's coverage of Live 8. - For more information, see Appendix B.
  8. Drinking. - Those of you that know why, know why. Those of you that don't, don't need to know why.
  9. That Hill Street Blues meets Shirt Tales video. - Yeah, I know it's something that happened in 1985, but I only saw it this year, and considering how much it disturbed my mental state, I think it's important to mention it. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go here.
  10. People who create "best and worst" lists. - Really, what is this need to categorize things? It's stupid, it's lame, and it's a bloody waste of time. Well, except when that Mr. Blackwell does it. He's dreamy.

That's it. Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve... why most of us like starting the new year with a hangover, I don't know, but hey, it's a good time.


Blogger Gwydion said...

You've got a blog?? :D Awesome! - So check this out, you've got a link now - at on the lower left above the haikuarchives, due to your alphabetical position you are number ONE on the "not-so-special links" - but if you look at it it will become self-explanatory how you can make it to the "special links" with the superior position and the slightly better font. You won't get to the eye-links though, for that you'd have to be a chick. ;) peace!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Tristen said...

At least you and Jeremy have something in common.... you both have lousy teams. Do your selves and favor and join a winning team, y'arh!

2:33 PM  

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