Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Appendix B: Another reason to hate MTV (and love Pink Floyd)

Taken from Damian's Myspace blog, 02 Jul 05 Saturday:

Right now, Sting is performing live at Live 8, a great rendition of "Every Breath You Take," the lyrics changed to reflect the G8 summit. MTV shows about two minutes of the song... then cuts to go to a pre-taped piece explaining the whole reason this concert exists.
Now, I have no problem with showing that tape, it's good to inform MTV viewers what the real reason is behind this spectacle today. But christ, you couldn't wait 2 MORE MINUTES?! Is the attention span of the latest generation that ridiculously short that they can't listen to one song in it's entirety?!
It's seeming to be a pretty good bet that MTV will actually be showing Pink Floyd's performance, as amazingly enough, the VJs have been mentioning it all day, and for MTV to even make note of a band that's over five years old is pretty suprising (where was the coverage for Def Leppard, A-Ha, Roxy Music, Duran Duran... ELTON JOHN?! at least they're giving Bon Jovi a 30 second recap).
However, if they cut during Floyd's performance, this one-time only event that's been 23 years in the making... well, I know where the west coast MTV building is, and I know how to make firebombs.
I never thought I would ever say this, and I feel dirty for doing so... but thank god for AOL. They've had the live feed from every stage the entire day. It's fantastic. And exactly what MTV/VH1 should be doing, they've got 8 cable channels, why not simulcast from each stage? Philly and London on the basic cable channels, the other stages on the digital tier (from who's played in Berlin so far, they'd be perfect for VH1 Classic).
Maybe in another 20 years they'll get it right. Now, where's that kerosene...
Addendum: Something I forgot to mention on my bulletin of this blog... MTV/VH1 is broadcasting with commercial breaks. At least 15-20 minutes of commercials per hour, to my estimate.
I don't know, maybe I'm just being a little too rough on them... but, I don't know, considering this is a FREE worldwide concert event that's being produced to make a POLITICAL STATEMENT and there is NO PROFIT being made from this venture...
...isn't it just a little, well, ridiculously horrible of MTV/VH1 to sell advertising time during this broadcast? Doesn't that make them just, I don't know, disgusting coporate whores, making money off a non-profit event designed to raise awareness of world poverty?
I really don't have anything to follow that with. There's no joke to be made.
2nd Addendum: Well, Pink Floyd has played. And I'll give MTV a 20% kudo for it, they started broadcasting right as the heartbeat started pumping through Hyde Park. They stayed put for all four songs that Floyd played, and god, it was amazing seeing them back together and complete... before playing "Wish You Were Here," Roger even took a moment to throw a shoutout to Syd. Then seeing them perform it together, Roger and David singing together again... words can't describe it. I can only pray they'll do one more tour together before calling it quits for good.
Words, however, can describe the fucking COCKSUCKING IDIOT ASSHOLES at MTV, who decided to let the VJs start talking during "Comfortably Numb" (during the SECOND VERSE, no less!). And then they say they're cutting to yet another commercial break, only to go back to the stage for the last guitar solo of the song, then AGAIN cut out before the song finishes! So I run upstairs to the webcast, and see that there was less than 30 seconds of the song left before they cut to commercial.
Hence why they only get a 20% kudo, because that last fuck-up cost them an 80% that I took and shat upon before setting fire to it and stomping on the ashes.
Anyway, this blog's done... Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney are playing (sadly at the same time, it's so difficult to decide which to choose), and I've got the rest of a webcast to watch. I think I've gotta go with Sir Paul though... as he's currently leading the crowd in a sing-along of "Hey Jude," and all of today's performers are onstage with him.
Oh, and one more thing... FUCK MTV.


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