Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Appendix C: A Star Wars review (NO SPOILERS)...

Taken from Damian's Myspace Blog, 20 May 05 Friday:

...I promise. Besides, everyone's heard already about the return of Qui-Gon's ghost, right? Oh.


And now, here's the final version of my ROTS blog, which I so rudely cut short Friday morning. And as I will keep this spoiler-free, I imagine it'll be the shortest blog I'll ever write (not bloody likely!). Here goes...

In a word? Fun. Heartbreaking. Well, that's two words technically, but since I can't describe ROTS in any other fashion, it'll have to do. In answer to everyone's questions...

Yes, Lucas redeemed himself.

Yes, there are still a couple scenes with clunky dialogue and bad acting.

Yes, the effects are incredible, and more amazing than the last two combined.

Yes, Hayden Christiansen is at his best when he plays anger.

Yes, Ian McDiarmid is insanely awesome in his role as the Emperor, and finally gets to play the character as an evil mother fucker.

Yes, Mace Windu gets taken out in an awesome way.

Yes, Yoda kicks some serious ass (in one scene in particular, his entrance alone is worthy of loud cheers).

Yes, General Grievous was cooler in the Clone Wars series.

Yes, the first ten minutes are probably the most amazing battle scene ever put on film.

Yes, the final minutes will bring tears to the eyes of anyone who's been a fan of these movies as long as I have (all my life, basically).

Yes, the destruction of the Jedi Order (we all knew it was coming, no spoilers here) is absolutely heart-wrenching.

Yes, there are cameos by characters from the original trilogy (and no, Han Solo and Mon Mothma aren't them). Addendum - Mon Mothma does appear in deleted scenes on the DVD.

Yes, the Millennium Falcon does make an appearance (or a YT-1300, at least... look for it in one of the first shots of the Senate building).

And yes, Virginia... there is a Santa Claus.

So, as mentioned in one of the responses to my earlier version of this blog, did I like the movie? Yes, I did. I won't be one of those fanboys who jumps out and says "it's the best one ever," but it definitely comes close (IV and V still beat it, in my opinion).

And I guess that's all I have to say about that. I'll be happy to discuss it however, with anybody, as soon as they've seen it. No spoilers here, after all.


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