Friday, December 16, 2005

A Disclaimer (consider this post #1)

Here's the deal: I used to post blogs on Myspace all the time, but after a while I decided it was best to get an outside site to do it (mainly because a friend of mine couldn't read one of them without signing up, and since she didn't want to, I had to give her a password to a second account I have on that site, and I'm weird about that). So anyway, this is my new home for the stupid ramblings I post on a semi-occasional basis.

Now, here's the reason I'm writing this disclaimer: frankly, there are a few blogs that I've written on Myspace which I really enjoy, but the fact is, I'm a lazy bastard, and I really don't feel like copy-pasting all of them over here (especially since the dates and times they were written will all be the same, and frankly, some of them just don't fit in this modern age we live in). So if any new people are truly interested in my past musings, they can be found here: There you'll find all sorts of fun ramblings, surveys, reviews and other pointless crap. And if you look back REALLY far, you might even find blogs of a personal nature, something that I NEVER write anymore. So have fun looking back at my personal life, and um, carpe diem or some shit like that.

Oh yeah, just so as not to piss anyone off, I should mention it's incredibly rare that I add anyone I don't know personally to my Myspace friend's list. So if you do decide to look back at my past, and think that I'm so ultra-cool and suave and shit that you want to add me, you're welcome to try, but unless I'm really amazed by the accompanying email, chances are I won't reply. It's not because I'm a pretentious dick... well, maybe it is that. I don't know. Probably.

Yeah, it is that.


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