Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Never rains when...

After putting off washing my car for about half a year, as the tendency for rainy days during winter and spring were too great (and happening every time I even thought about washing it), I finally took her to the car wash yesterday to get the whole shebang done; wash, wax, sealer, vacuum, tires, etc.


And to prove even more that it rained on account of me, the drops fell at precisely the correct angle that they could splash the back of my car, which is currently parked in a covered carport. And they were big drops as well, the ones that leave a giant ring where they land.

The spoiler and trunk are now pitted with huge watermarks.

Goddamn you, mother nature. After everything I've done for you...

That's it. This week I'm leaving all the lights on in my apartment, and running water all throughout my tooth brushing.

That'll show you, bitch.


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