Monday, May 08, 2006

A Momentary Lapse of Writing

Hey, what's the best way to kill a blog?

How about post something that brings thousands of new IP hits to your site, links you to some of the big name blogs out there, and overnight, gives you a dent into the online community, and then, don't post ANYTHING ELSE FOR THREE WEEKS!

Yup, that's what I've done... brainiac that I am. But hey, I had no choice... a couple days after my last Kimberly post, I came down with a nasty flu, and had no interest in living, let alone sitting at a computer. Then came Coachella weekend, and after that... well, after that I've just been lazy.

But rest assured, I shall soon resume my random musings and mumblings, going-ons and what-nots. I apologize in advance to the people I offend.

Coming soon to this blog:

An in-depth wrap-up of my Coachella weekend, complete with pictures (provided I get around to uploading them)

Another in-depth review, this one of the floor show at E3

A pic-by-pic walkthrough of the video for the song "Can You Feel It" by The Jacksons

...and a whole plethora of surveys and rants and random bullshit.

Come to think of it, maybe it's best I wasted the opportunity to gain readers, I wouldn't want to browse this shit...

One thought to leave you with:

Hey, Bush apologists. Yeah, you people in that 31 percent who still think this administration's doing a good job, that there were WMDs in Iraq, that Iraq and 9/11 are somehow connected, that wire-tapping is necessary to prevent terror. Yeah, what's the other name for you people? Um... oh yeah... HEY, DOUCHEBAGS!

HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU CONTINUE TO STAND UP FOR THIS GUY?! Christ, you guys are worse than Cubs fans, I swear! I just don't understand how your brains are so small that they can't comprehend just how fucked-up downhill this country is going right now.

All I can do is create an analogy that will hopefully make sense in your "USA! USA! Remember the Alamo, mom and apple pie, I shoot immigrants" minds. And that analogy is this:

Would you have stood up for Hitler? No? How about Stalin? Hmm... Castro? Apparently, those are evil Nazis and Communists to you, aren't they? They represent everything wrong with politics to you, don't they?

Now explain to me where their propaganda machines were all that different from our propaganda machine. Tell me why their treatment of their people is so different from the treatment we've been getting.

Sure, you can argue that in Hitler's case, he was committing genocide... of course, there are genocides going on all over the world right now that our government has been COMPLETELY ignoring. Seems to me that by our own laws, when one has knowledge that cold-blooded murder is happening, yet does nothing to stop it or otherwise help prevent it, that's considered being an accessory.

Let's not forget the fact either, that our president led an attack on a sovereign nation (something Hitler did quite a few times). By international law, that makes him a criminal.

Jesus, here I was just writing an excuse for not being around, now it's turning into a real blog entry... yeah, that must mean it's time to go. But rest assured, I'll be back soon!

Quick reply to a comment: Hey Lindsay, long time no talk! Sorry I can't leave any real contact info here, but I've had enough of home loan and penile implant emails, and as these waters are trolled by bots constantly, I fear putting out any real personal information. Try looking me up through MySpace if you're on that shambles of a website... otherwise, I'll figure out someway to get in touch. Ciao!

(Good god, I just wrote "Ciao" as a signature, what a fuckin' retard)


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