Monday, February 27, 2006

The funny thing about racism is...

So, political correctness is dead, we all know that at this point... yet some of the terminology has stuck around. And frankly, a lot of it is very insulting. Oh, it might not seem that way at first... but when you really look at it, it's more derogatory and sterotypical than a lot of racial slurs can be. For example:

African-American. Okay, we're all aware at this point of the stupidity of calling only black people "African-Americans," considering that there are white Africans as well (Charlize Theron, for example). But what if someone's Black and not from Africa? That's even worse. Imagine a Jamaican being called an African-American. That's just a little insulting. And frankly, wouldn't the term denote that you were originally from Africa, but moved here and took up citizenship? I hate the idea of slavery as much as anyone else, but the fact is, the Africans were brought here and other countries against their will over a century ago. An eighth-generation kid from Harlem is not an African-American. He's an American (we'll get into the problems with that term down the line).

I'd also like to know why Egyptians are considered Middle-Eastern by a lot of people. Egypt is on the African continent. They're just as African as people from Kenya, as are Moroccans, and Libyans. Is it because they were never enslaved? At least, not in the last couple hundred years? Hell, if slavery is the reason behind the term African-American, then shit, that would make the Jews African-American as well. Which historically isn't that far off.

And why is it we never hear this use of words on other continents? I've never heard a black man from the UK call himself an African-European. No, the only reason we have it here is because mother fucking Puritan assholes need to make themselves feel better for centuries of oppression.

Mexican-American. You here this term used a lot in Southern California. And frankly, it's a bunch of bullshit. Why? Because it's REDUNDANT! That's like calling someone from Seoul a Korean-Asian. The fact is, anyone from a Latin country in this hemisphere, from the U.S., even the Canadians... they're all American, be it North, Central, or South. And that brings me to my next point.

American. In this country, we LOVE to talk about ourselves as America. We constantly say, "AMERICA is the greatest country," "AMERICA leads the world," "AMERICA is number one!" Guess what, mother fuckers? America is three continents! We live in the UNITED STATES, people! The United States of America! Key word, "of!" You uppity assholes down by the border, getting all pissed off about "letting the Mexicans into America..." they're already there! They've been there longer than you have! Hell, you're living on land that was pillaged by their ancestors WAY before your ancestors stole it!

I will say one thing in defense of the faux patriotic bullshit I'm tearing apart though: admittedly, it's hard not to call oneself an "American." The fact is, "United Statesian" just sounds stupid. But it's not hard to say you're from the "States." And it's not difficult to name yourself after the state you're from. Me personally? I'm a Californian, and proud of it. Not as proud as Texans get... but then again, their state pride is something on it's own level. Try saying something bad about Texas to a Texan who hates the place. Nine times out of ten, you're gonna get punched in the face. I can deal with being called an "American." But that's not the name of my country.

Jewish-American. Now we're talking complete bullshit. Jewish is a religion, not a race. If we're gonna call people Jewish-American, we better keep designating. Christian-American. Muslim-American. Atheist-American. Zorostrian-American. Yeah, gets to be a pain after a while. So how about we get rid of the term altogether, huh? I mean christ, next thing we're gonna start designating politics and preferences. "This is my friend Bill, he's a Liberitarian-American." And I can't think of one gay man who wouldn't be ridiculously insulted by the term Homosexual-American. Well, they might be insulted, but they'd probably still laugh at it. Gay people seem to have better senses of humor than straights do (and yes, I'm stereotyping, but let me put it this way... find me a gay liberal man who can laugh at straight conservative rhetoric, then find me the opposite. Which is gonna be easier to scout out?).

While we're on the topic of religion, let me make one thing clear for a bunch of people: Arabs aren't necessarily Muslim, and vice-versa. A lot of people make this stereotype, and it's just not true. There are plenty of Arabs that are Christian, Jewish, even Hindu. But folks just automatically assume that all Arabs pray to Mohammed. That ain't the case. To turn it around, let's assume that all U.S. Americans are Christian. Yeah, that's pretty insulting, isn't it? Thought so.

Native American. Yes, I know the term Indian only exists because the Spaniards thought they'd found the West Indies. And yes, American Indian is just as stupid of a phrase. But seriously, even the Native Americans aren't native. Supposedly, they're nomadic tribes that spread their way down from the Bering Land Bridge. The closest to Native American that existed were the Incans, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and even then, who really knows. You wanna be decended from a tribe, great, go for it. But then you're Cherokee, you're Chippewa, you're not Native American. Unless of course you go for the real definition of the term, in which case, I'm a Native American. Hell, I was born in North America, why wouldn't I be? And I'm proud of my heritage.

Asian. All right, this is probably the biggest bunch of bullshit that stereotypes have created. Seriously, let's be rascist for a second. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think "Asian?" Short, slanty-eyes, no chest hair, good at math, bad drivers... yeah, the Asian stereotype goes on and on. And it's completely WRONG!

Firstly, there are Asians that suck at math. And second, some Asians drive very well. But that's not the point.

The point is, the Asian stereotype is geared towards people from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam... guess what, people? You know that country our soldiers are in right now, the place in the Middle East that we're trying to "liberate?" It's in ASIA! The place where people wear dots on their heads and pray to Vishnu, what's it called... oh yeah, India. Also in ASIA!

And guess what, mother fuckers? Israel, that land given to the Jews as part of repartitions after WWII? Also in Asia! You know what that means? Israelis are Jewish-Asians! Hope you Texans can deal with that.

Armenian. Yeah, this is a very Glendale, CA bit here, so if you're not from Southern California, then skip it. In Glendale, there is a very large Armenian community. So large, in fact, that on some job applications and work forms, it's considered an ethnicity. I got news for you mother fuckers perpetuating that shit... the Armenians are Caucasian. More Caucasian than you or I, probably. Know how I know this? It's simple. The Caucus mountain range borders their damned country! Think about the term for a second... Caucasian. Caucus... Asian. Hell, the truth is, the Middle East is closer to being Caucasian than you English Puritan cocksuckers will ever be. Maybe that's why you want their land so much... not because of oil, but because that way you can fully steal their ethnicity.

And what about me? At this point, there's probably a few people out there asking "where the hell does this little bitch of a white boy come off saying this shit?" Well, it's simple. Racially, I'm a mutt. I got English, I got German, I got Norwegian, I got Mexican (which gives me both Spaniard and "Native American," as the Spaniards raped them to make Mexicans). I got a bunch of other shit in my blood that I'm not to even sure about, but you know what? I'm proud of all of it. I don't give a fuck about race, creed, or country (although I do love the land I came from... California! What a place!). I'm just proud of being a human being.

And one more... All right, this has nothing to do with race, but it's on my mind, and somewhat fitting. For some reason, with all the problems in the world concerning war, starvation, AIDS, global warming, etc... the Religious Right has taken it upon themselves to make abortion their number one priority. To them, you're either Pro-Life, or Pro-Choice. Here's the thing: Pro-Choice incorporates Pro-Life! Pro-Choice means just this; a woman has the CHOICE of aborting a fetus, or taking it to term. Pro-Life means that no matter what the situation, a woman has NO choice but to take the baby to term. Even if she's a rape victim. Or a casualty of incest.

Pro-Life is nothing but another bullshit term that glosses over the horrors inherent in it's actual meaning. Like the Clear Skies Initative. Or the No Child Left Behind Act. Or frankly, Hitler's decision to call his slaughterhouses "camps." We live in a free country. Give a woman freedom to choose. Sure, some people will take disgusting advantage of that freedom. But look at all the assholes that feel they can get away with all sorts of evil bullshit because "Jesus will forgive them," and tell me which is worse.

Okay, I'm off my highhorse. Feel free to comment.


Anonymous rachel said... somehow i ended up reading your blog at bored am i??!
i happen to agree with everything you said. i am SICK, SICK, SICK of americans telling me they are italian or english or german just cause their grandmother came from "the old country". if you were born in america, you are american. end of story.
as a scottish-russian-polish-jewish-athiest-american woman i resent anyone interfering in my right to do what the hell i want with my own damn body and all those middle aged republican dimwits (who are happy enough to change their tune when their own daughters get into trouble...!) can go straight to the hell they all believe in so firmly.
you couldn't have picked a topic more calculated to make me rant.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

That was a seriously awesome rant. I agree with most everything you say, although I think you should go a bit easier on the Native American thing. I mean relative to most people I would consider them Native. However, I do understand where you're coming from.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Diana Rowe Pauls said...

Can you hear me clapping from way over here? I'm going to enjoy your blog!

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Rachel C. said...

It's about time that someone finally said this.
You are so right about EVERYTHING.
It's like you read my mind.

This is good.

12:44 PM  

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