Thursday, January 05, 2006

This Week's Music Biz-tch: "Take My Breath Away"

Berlin used to be one of the top new wave band of the 80’s. Everybody knew their songs, everybody still knows their songs. People sing along to them on the radio, they dance to them in the clubs.

"Sex (I’m A...)."

"The Metro."

"No More Words."

Okay, maybe most people don't know much beyond that, but there is one more they know.

In 1986, at the height of their popularity, Berlin were approached to perform a song for a new action movie coming to theaters that summer, starring a bunch of little known actors, with an outlandish plot about a flight school student and his Mrs. Robinson complex. The song, featured during a love scene which did little to tantalize the audience (unless they had a severe tongue fetish), was "Take My Breath Away."

The movie ended up being a surprise hit, but even more astoundingly, so did the soundtrack. Sure, people had gotten over the cheese of Loggins & Messina, and were willing to accept Kenny Loggins as a rock star singing "Danger Zone," but that song wasn't why they bought the album. They bought it for Berlin, and "Take My Breath Away" propelled them to superstardom. But there was a massive cross to bear.

Suddenly, Berlin were beyond new wave, they were even beyond the top 40; they had become easy listening. By performing a cheesy ballad that wasn’t even written by them, Berlin became synonymous on the radio with bands such as Air Supply, and singers like Christopher Cross. They alienated their original fanbase, and the band finally disintegrated, as they were so disgusted by their own selling out that they couldn’t possibly continue.

To add insult to injury, 13 years later Jessica Simpson decided to cover the song, and somehow made it even worse than it originally was. Unfortunately this time, the song was not a career killer, and ended up once again being a hit (this turn of events has been seen by many people the world over as proof that there is no God).

So now, Jessica Simpson continues to make top-selling crappy music, and Berlin’s latest achievement was an episode of VH1’s Bands Reunited. All because of one stupid ballad. And really awful tongue-kissing.


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