Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Imagine Me & You"... a movie coming out this year, about a bunch of English people trying to find true love, or something like that. Along the way, in typical English romantic comedy fashion, they make self-deprecative quips, and quaint one-liners back and forth to each other. There is a couple about to get married, but the woman starts falling for someone else... another woman! Hilarity ensues!

I don't give a shit about contrived romantic comedies... there's an audience for sap, and I'm more than happy to step aside while lovers of the "feel-good" movie eat that shit up. I also don't give a shit about bisexuality. She's gonna leave her man for a woman! How innovative! How original! It's genius! I can just imagine the writer sitting back in his chair after deciding to go with this spark of brilliance, chuckling and patting himself on the back in pure upper-class twit fashion. Asshole. That shit happens in real life all the time (although from my understanding, the roles are usually reversed... although I imagine modern audiences just aren't ready to see a man leave a woman for another man).

What I do give a shit about, what truly disturbs me, is a quick scene in the trailer for this movie. It's a scene where the two women are having a "girl's night out" or something, having fun, falling in love. What are they doing while this takes place?


This movie is destined to suck balls.


Anonymous Vickie said...

i'm utterly disgraced to think that DDR is the key to "falling in love".

7:35 PM  

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